Our HeatMaxx / CoolMaxx Service Sets Us
Apart from Everyone Else

HeatMaxx ClipboardIf your current heating or cooling service man is not providing or offering efficiency testing it’s like a doctor giving you medicine without testing your blood pressure.

The truth is, even if your heating and cooling system appears to be working correctly it may not be delivering the comfort and efficiency you paid for.

Our HeatMaxx & CoolMaxx tests provide a preliminary snapshot of your comfort system’s delivered performance

Since the days when we began heating and cooling our homes, a typical service call was limited to checking the major parts of the heating and cooling equipment. Until now, our industry has lacked the technology and the skills to include the duct system in your service agreement and measure the operating capacity of your system.

When a system didn’t work, our only option was to replace the equipment, this is very costly, and often did little to improve system performance. Now we include the duct system and testing system performance as part of our service and are able to diagnose and pinpoint system deficiencies.

Filter Strength DiagramEven if your home is new you need this service

It’s easy to assume that if you have the most recent model of furnace or air conditioner in your home, you should have the most efficient system possible. But unlike a self contained stove or refrigerator, your air conditioning and heating system depends on a series of ducts and registers winding through your home. HeatMaxx and CoolMaxx rate the live operating efficiency of the entire installed system. This has been previously unavailable to homeowners.

Part of our testing includes measuring air pressures in your system. From these tests we can determine the airflow through your system and verify the resistance through your air filters. Using this and other data we can calculate the delivered BTU from your system. Filter pressure can have a drastic effect on the performance of your system.

Your HeatMaxx/CoolMaxx test is the first step in our diagnostic process

Much like your doctor who may determine, through a blood pressure test, that you are experiencing some problems; our Maxx test is only a preliminary analysis of your system.

HVACIt will give us a general idea of how your heating or cooling system is working. If your doctor finds you have low or high blood pressure he will schedule more tests for you.

If you are happy with your delivered efficiency, no further steps need to be taken. If, however, you find you are only getting 50, 60 or 70 percent of the rated equipment capacity, you may want to have further testing and diagnosis completed to determine how performance can be improved. Our company is well equipped to provide you with the testing and knowledge.

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